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Tapas time! Finally...

A madman, Gothic tour, copious amounts of vino...BCN is amazing!

Why on earth has it taken me thirty years to get to Spain! I bloody love the Spanish! They're fantastic. They're in absolutely no rush to do anything and are so sublimely chilled out. They love their food and wine (and certainly are keen to give healthy portions!). What's not to love?!

A few things have surprised me about the Spanish though. I was nowhere near as blown away by the fashion as I thought I would be. I was expecting to be really wowed by how the people dress, like I was when I was in Paris and Italy eleven years ago (ugh, has it really been that long?!). I figured that being that my favourite cheap clothing store, Zara, hails from Espana, everyone would be quite trendy! Having said that, I have seen some women who are are dressed impeccably. However, they are few and far between. Generally, people have been dressed far more casual than I had expected. Clearly, the idea of the streets of BCN being a mini Zara runway was a huge misconception on my part! I guess I will have to wait until I get to France and Italy for my lessons in fashion...

I arrived very late in Barcelona on the Wednesday evening so there was not much else to do except go to bed. The following day, I arose in just enough time to catch the free breakfast (thank you Casa Gracia) and hit the streets. I met a lovely Indian man at breakfast that morning who was telling me about this food exhibition that he was going to that day. Apparently it was one of the largest in the world and is seriously impressive (direct quote "if you are a foodie at all, you will enjoy"). I most definitely consider myself to be a foodie! He gave me his extra pass for the event, he was an "exhibitor" of meats and I also had the same title, whatever that means. He encouraged me to go, and I told him I would try and make it that afternoon and that I would stop by and say hi. He laughed.

It was a dreary day in Barcelona so definitely a day to be spending indoors...and I couldn't think of a better place than a food exhibition! Folks, I have never seen anything more amazing in all my life. To start, everything is free (well, if you have a nifty pass like I did). There were six enormous halls where you can go to taste test basically any kind of food and wine that you can think of (and almost like showbags, take home anything you want too!). HEAVEN! And now I know why he laughed. There was no way I would ever find him. In the 3.5hours that I spent at Alimentaria, I was barely through 3 of the halls. And it took me a good 1.5hours to realise there was more as had spent the entire time in that hall. There was that much to see and taste! Incredible. I am so thankful for that man, shamefully, I never caught his name other than he was from Asam in India. It was the perfect rainy weather activity. I went to bed very full, and happy that evening.

The following morning, I finally made the Gothic walking tour. There were two of the "free" walking tours on offer here in the city (I use "free"| in quotations as the guides operate on tips), a Gothic and a Gaudi tour. I was interested in doing both, so thought I'd start with the Gothic, and have a chance to see some of the Roman ruins and also spend some time weaving in and out of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. My guide, Angela, a local, was absolutley fantastic. She was so knowledgable and fun (and also provided some fantastic tips of where to eat and drink on the cheap).

After the tour, I set off solo for a feed. The tour had lasted about 2.5hrs and I had certainly worked up an appetite. I found an amazing tapas restuarant and enjoyed some delicious sangria and tapas. The Spanish really like to feed you! The potion sizes of the tapas were astoundingly large! Post my mid arvo nosh, in true Spanish fashion, I headed back to the hostel for a siesta. Touring really does wear you out! I had about an hours kip and then hit the streets again. This time, I wandered around Passeig de Gracia, the street my hostel was on, and probably the richest neighbourhood in Barcelona. All my favourite high end stores were there (haha, not that I could ever afford to clothe myself there! Certainly not now, anyway!). But it was nice to pretend and do some window shopping!

Later than evening, I dined on some more tapas in a fabulous little square in my neighbourhood. This was my first ordering fail of my time in Spain. Just because something is cheap and is under the "tapas" part of the menu, does not mean it is small! I wasn't particularly hungry, so just wanted a quick snack before I went to bed. I had ordered some wine and couldn't decide between the hummous and pita or the chips cheese & guacamole. They were 5 Euro a piece, so I figured, what the hay! I'll order both. Huge mistake! the portions were absolutely enormous and the entire restaurant proceeded to look at me in disbelief, as if I was going to devour the whole lot! So embarrassing! I was hard pressed to even eat a quarter and then left feeling extremely full!

The weather was absolutely spectacular the following day! Accordingly, it was most certainly a beach day. Upon the advice of the concierge at the Hostel, I took the yellow line down to Barceloneta and hit the beach. It certainly wans't warm enough for a dip, well not according to me, but for the first time since I have been here, it was not jacket weather! The beach in Barcelona isn't that impressive. In general, city beaches never are. It is a man made beach that was created around the time of the Olympics, and pair that with the fact that I am Australian (and have spent a long time in Bermuda), so have exceptionally high standards! I was later advised that there is a lovely beach just out of city. Pity I didn't find that out until my last day!

After the beach, I made my way to Mt. Tibidabo for a view of Barcelona. The view was amazing (and so was the beer that I had while enjoying it!). Following my viewing, I made my way back to the beach and to a restuarant that I had spied during my walk through Barceonleta, that served some amazing seafood paella (something that Barcelona is famous for). It was amazing! And again, enormous.

My fourth, and final day, I took the Gaudi tour, which was phenomenal and very interesting. Gaudi was most certainly a mad man! And like many famous artists, a genius at that! Our guide, Conan, a bloke from Belfast that has been living in Barcelona for the past 7 years was probably one of the best guides that I have ever had! Very knowledgeable and full of some very interesting stories (also giving some excellent advice of where to eat and drink...like the munchero shop that has the 1E sandwiches and pints of beers on Sundays...and it was a Sunday! WIN!!!).

Post the Gaudi tour, I attempted to go to the museums (they were free on Sundays), but paired wiht the fact that my back was killing me, and the lines were obscenely long, I didn't have the will power to endure it. I ended up getting back to my hostel at about 5pm and taking the first bus I could out of Barcelona, headed to Tarragona.

I absolutely adored Barcelona and am looking forward to one day going back. Such a fabulous city! Very picturesque and so much to do! I had a very action packed four days here and still feel like there was so much more I could have done! Definitely a great excuse to go back...

I hope this finds you well, wherever you are!

Mel xx

Alimentaria. The outside of the most amazing food exhibition that I have ever seen in my entire life! Talk about striking it lucky with my pick of the breakfast tables!

The first hall that I visited. This is just one side. There were SIX MORE!!!! Insanity!

Placa Reial. Stunning.

Somewhere along the Gothic Tour...another reason why I shouldn't take so long to upload! Can't remember!

Santa Maria Del Mar

Inside Santa Maria Del Mar


Barceloneta beach! The import the sand too from Africa!

The promenade at Barceloneta. The positives about a city beach is that it is lined with great cafes and restaurants. Perfect spot for some people watching.

La Rambla (famous street in BCN). I think I managed to walk up and down that street about one hundred times! I wish I had a pedometre on in BCN, I clocked up some serious miles.

Spain is full of amazing markets like this incredible seafood market! Yummmmmm.

And the meat! I have never eaten so much meat in all my life as I had in Spain. I don't know how vegetarians would survive. It seems everything revolves around a meat dish...not that I'm complaining! Of course Jamon was the preference. The Spanish love their ham!

Half way up Mt. Tibidabo enjoying a beer. I later found out that the view from Park Guell is admittedly better. Oh well! A tip for anyone who plans a trip to BCN in the near future. Pack a picnic, some vino (of course) and enjoy! Send me a photo too haha :)

Beautiful BCN...

One of Gaudi's famous statues on top of his building, Palau Guell.

Sagrada Familia in all her glory. By far Gaudi's most impressive pieces. Still being worked on and sadly, I don't think it will ever be finished in my life time. I don't think the Spanish government would be in any rush either. At 20E a pop for a ticket (I think), and millions of visitors a year, its far too much of a revenue earner! Regardless, it is still an incredible building.

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The big three-ohhhhhhhhh!

Is thirty really that dirty?!

Well folks, here you have it, I've finally turned 30! I decided long ago to spend the big birthday in London as that was the place in Europe where I knew the most amount of people and I decided that I didn't want to be alone (or amongst a bunch of strangers!). And I am so glad I did!

This post won't be particularly long as besides eating some delicious food and sipping (erm, ok, maybe more like guzzling!) on some lovely red wine, that was really all there was to it. A very 'civilized' evening surrounded by my beautiful friends! And I couldn't think a better way to ring the big day in. So blessed.

Short and sweet at promised! Hope this finds you well, wherever it is in the world that you are!

Lots of love,

Mel xx

The whole gang! Per Matt's suggestion, we met at a lovely gastropub called the Jugged Hare. The food was delicious - I can highly recommend (another win, MJB!!!). I cannot tell you how amazing it was to be able to ring in such a monumental birthday with these fine folks! I couldn't have asked for a greater group or a better way to spend it! Very lucky and spoilt indeed to have such great friends.

From left to right - Matt, Erin & Gareth

Southie, Hugh, Ros & Kwee

Erin, Gareth, Gareth (aka Gav-larrrrrr) & Breezey

Lucie & I (a very up close and personal photo!)

Yet another happy snap of the crew!

Birthday Cake!!!

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The only way is Essex...INNIT!

A weekend jaunt in the country and a day trip to Cambridge

My profuse apologies again for my general tardiness in getting the posts out! Surprisingly, it has been an incredibly busy month. Following England, I spent two weeks in Spain and was very busy quickly navigating (and eating!!) myself through that beautiful country. I now find myself in Morocco, where I am currently resting seaside in the lovely town of Essaouira. I've just finished a 15 day tour of Morocco and while it was absolutely fantastic, it was exhausting! I am in desperate need of some downtime and to finally sit still for the first time in months! Which brings me back to the blog, so much to fill you in on...and I still haven't left England yet! Fortunately, most of the posts have a draft written so getting caught up shouldn't be too arduous!

I'll preface this post by caveating that my retreat to the countryside was hardly the "Essex...INNIT" experience. My lovely friends Liz and Gareth live in a beautiful village outside of Colchester (about an hour by train outside of London). Following my sightseeing stint in Liverpool, I was very ready for a break. I needed to recharge the batteries and just sit still for a moment. And I cannot think of a better place to have done it! Plus, I got to spend some quality time with two of my favourite people over lots of wine and great food...bliss!

Gareth made a delicious fish curry that evening (allegedly a family recipe that has been past down for hundreds of years! I'm sure that wasn't the case, but it certainly tasted fantastic!) and we skyped the Hicksybalds. Definitely the highlight of the skype session was Hicksie and Annie performing one of their dance routines for us. What a show! Folks in Bermuda, next time you see Hicksie, get her and Annie to show you their moves. It's really cute! Bananie may look just like Dusty, but she's got all of Hicksie's personality!!!

The following morning, Breezey and I made the trip over to Cambridge. Neither of us had been before, so it seemed like a great place to explore together. It was only a little over an hour from their place and was a beautiful day. Cambridge is absolutely stunning. A gorgeous quaint town with lots of history and beautiful buildings. As it was a Saturday and great weather, it was absolutely exploding with tourists. I'm not sure how I would like to live there as a local, I'd imagine the weekends would be quite overwhelming with such a large number of people plodding around! Regardless, it was thoroughly enjoyable. I'd love to come back during a weekday when it was a bit calmer.

Sunday was a lazy day. I spent most of the day catching up on my blog and relaxing. As it was Mother's Day in the UK, we went to Breezey's family's home for dinner that evening. Her brother cooked us a lovely proper English roast with all the trimmings. A roast dinner is definitely one thing that the English prepare very well! It was so delicious! Yorkshire pudding, duck fat potatoes, parsnips, carrots...yum! I'm hungry just thinking about it again!

The following day, I made my way back to Brixton as celebrations were in order...the big three-ohhhhhh had finally arrived!

Hope you all are well, wherever you are in the world!

Lots of love,

Mel xx

Breezey & Gav-larrrr's beautiful country mansion! I was extremely spoilt here; had my own wing with room and bathroom!

They have an amazing garden! This will be the setting of their outdoor wedding later this August. I cannot wait for it! It will be incredible and a beautiful setting!

More of their beautiful garden!

Cambridge - everyone loves a bike here! Cyclists everywhere. It is clearly the favoured mode of transportation. Very Green, impressive!

Cambridge Markets (with an amazing building in the background). We went to Cambridge on a Saturday and it was ridiculously busy. I would have liked to have visited during a weekday. I would imagine that if you lived here, you would avoid this area on the weekends! Too many tourists!

Buskers. These guys were really talented! Definitely deserved a mention on the blog. It's a shame that I never found out their name!

Another amazing building. The campus is exquisite. If I was to do it all over again....! Ha, I would never had had the grades....but I can wish!

More buildings

Another one!

No trip to Cambridge is complete without a punt down the river! Breezey & I had grand visions of a romantic punt just the two of us, however, we never saw the option! So it was the two of us with 8 of our closest mates (and our "punter" of course). At least we got a pic out of it!

So scenic!




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All you need is love

A quick jaunt in Scouse-land!

Hmmm...what to say about Liverpool...it's FREEZING! Well despite the weather, I actually did enjoy my time here. It's a lovely little city, although much smaller than I had expected! I also met some interesting characters while in Liverpool, which was of course highly entertaining. I think the accents are brilliant, when I understand them! I came here on the recommendation of one my good friends, Shigs, who is a native and always raves about how amazing it is (she is quite proud of her heritage...and quite rightly!). Shamefully, I have not travelled much within England and before this trip, besides London, I had only been to Bristol and Bath (two beautiful places in England!).

I took the Mega Bus from London Victoria Coach station early Tuesday morning, headed for Liverpool. The bus was much cheaper than the train (especially considering the late minute purchase, which is the theme for the majority of this trip!). The bus was decent enough, had wifi, so I was happy. I arrived in Liverpool at about 1pm. And this is when I discovered my first mistake. My accomodation. Ugh, I was in Everton! As the booking was all done last minute, I hadn't done my due diligence in researching the location. The blurb about the hostel said it was within close proximity to all of the tourist sites, little did I realise that close proximity was about 1.5miles. This usually would not have been an issue but given the freezing weather and rain (and the fact that there is nothing to do in Everton itself), it was an epic fail. Oh well. Live and learn. I now do my research when booking all accomodation, even if it is last minute! On the bright side, it required a bit of exercise!

I didn't feel like doing too much on my first afternoon. I was still pretty knackered from the bus ride up there (and rising early), and was certainly adjusting to the change in temperature (and I thought London was cold!). This was a whole diferent level. I decided to stay in the hostel (and nap) for the afternoon. When I couldn't tolerate being hungry any longer, I ventured my way into Liverpool for a feed. I found a decent Turkish bar off of John Street and tucked in.

The next morning I was a bit more ambitious and had a bit more pep in my step (it was also a few degrees warmer, hello sun!). I took one of those free city tours and got my bearings of the city. The tour lasted three hours and covered basically everything that you would want to see (that was free, anyway). The guide, a lovely bloke named Phillip, was a local and obviously very proud of his home town. He was full of all kinds of rehearsed jokes, but I have to admit that I do sometimes find lame jokes to be quite humorous (especially when they get to the cringe-worthy lame level, and these were!). Yet again, I found myself to be the only native English speaker in the group...seriously...this is getting a bit ridiculous!

Following the tour, I wandered around the city on my own. I visited the Beatles Story, which I would highly recommend. I certainly wouldn't say that I was a die hard Beatles fan but I have an enormous appreciation for the impact that they had on the world. They were certainly a sensation (and still continue to be!). I know quite a few of their songs too and somehow a surprising number are on my ipod right now (think this goes back to my pre-license swimming days where I would spend hours going up and down the freeway with Dad with the stero absolutely blaring). For those of you who know my Dad, you'll know that he loves his music and I certainly owe all of my knowledge of the "golden oldies" to him (thanks Dad, you're a legend!).

Upon exiting the Beatles Museum, it was raining (surprise, surprise!). I quickly made my way for Albert Dock where I was fortunate to very swiftly find a lovely little wine bar and enjoyed a delicious mezz platter (I really do have an internal GPS device for locating alcohol...it's a gift!). I happily sat there for a few hours waiting for the rain to pass and then began the long trek back to the hotel (must have been about 2 miles...time to work off that food!). I called it an early night because I was knackered from being on my feet all day and the thought of walking back into the city, didn't appeal to me whatsoever. This might also have had something to do with an interaction that I had with some fellow "travellers" that I had met. One of them made a comment that they thought it was really great that someone of my age is traveling. Hmmm...how old do you bloody think I am?! Clearly they have not seen the fifty year olds I've seen putzing around the hostel! But the most perplexing thing was that in the next breathe they asked me to go partying with them. Ok, so I can't be that old and lame! But it was cold and wet, and I could think of nothing worse than watching university students getting wasted at a bar. Sorry boys, but this "Nanna" wants to go to bed!

The following day was another "beautiful" day in Liverpool (maybe typical? The weather was a bit off again). I left the hostel early and made my way into the city. I had already seen most of what I wanted to see the day before, so today was more or less about hanging out and doing some people watching. I stumbled across the outdoor mall, which is Europe's largest (thank you Phillip!) and is seriously impressive. Certainly puts Rundle Mall to shame! I then went and saw a film, quite a dark sattire about a suicide pact, A Long Way Down. I would highly recommend , it's quite funny! Can't go wrong with a bit of Pierce Brosnon and Toni Collete.

And ladies and gents, that wraps up Liverpool. Three nights here might have been a bit excessive and if I was really ambitious I could have squeezed in a day trip to Manchester, but I certainly appreciated having a couple of "slow" days to just relax. Next up, a weekend away in the country!

Mel xx

St. George's Hall. There was also a huge teachers strike going on that day which was quite entertaining to watch. Poor Philip had to try and talk over all the moaning by disgruntled and underpaid teachers.

I can't remember the name of this bloke (Shigs, any idea?) but Philip told us that he keeps an eye on the city. There was an interesting story behind it but I failed to write it down! Sorry folks! Lord Nelson, maybe?

Liverpool Central Library.

Eleanor Rigby. The Beatles enthusiasts among you will recognise the name from one of their songs. Eleanor Rigby was written about a very lonely woman. Anyway, what I really like about this piece is that her face is blank, meaning that a lonely person could be the face of anyone. Quite poetic!

A tribute to The Beetles along Mathew Street.

Mathew Street! This is "The Beatles" street in Liverpool. Every bar along here has a tribute in some form to the band. It is also the street that The Cavern Club is on (which was where The Beatles first performed).

Two of the Three Graces

The first of the Three Graces (look at that lovely weather...bleugh!).

The river Mersey...

Albert's Dock

The Beatles Story!!!! And it's open eight days a week....(bahahhaa, sorry that was lame. Blame Phillip!).

Re-creation of John Lennon's room.

The Chinese Arch. Presumably the start of China Town as it seemed to be around there.

Outside of the Anglican Cathedral.

I found this to be quite comical. Inside the Cathedral there is a gif shop and quite an elaborate little cafe. The Cathedral is also equipped with wifi! Seriously?! What church has wifi? Those Scouse Anglicans are quite tech savvy...well done!

Inside the Cathedral. There were lovely stain glassed windows in here. The photos of them didn't do them justice so I didn't include.

Thomas Rigby's is one of the oldest and most famous pubs in Liverpool (so I was told). I tried to go in here and have a pint one evening but there was a huge queue at the bar (and no seats to be found!). So I left!

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Back to the West...London Town!

Now all I need is some fish and chips!

I'd be lying if I said that coming back to the West has been exciting. It hasn't. After being in India where every experience had been so new and exciting (a sensory delight!), it has made everything in the West seem so sterile, too orderly and just a bit boring. Where are all of the elephants and the mischievous monkeys?! But with that being said, what India certainly does not have are my fabulous friends! I was not in London to sightsee. I have been here many times before. This visit was more about catching up with great friends over some fabulous food and wine (yay, back to Western food!). Many of my friends, I have not seen in a number of years and I am so happy to be reunited with them again (I just wish I could turn up the temperature a bit!).

I arrived in London early on Friday morning feeling a little worse for wear. I had flown overnight from Mumbai (with a layover in Abu Dhabi) and with the way that the flight worked out, I wasn't able to get a solid kip during the flight. Things could have been worse, I suppose! Not much else to do but soldier on! Through the wonders of Facebook, very randomly, my cousin happened to be at Heathrow at the same time. I hadn't seen Emma in a really long time but really enjoyed having a quick catch up with her and finding out all about her travels and what she is up to in Adelaide. She had just finished a few days in London after being in Morocco for a tour and was now on her way to Turkey (excellent, three of the places I planned on going...love the recommendations!). After about an hour and a half of catching up, Emma was due to check in for her flight to Istanbul. I said bye to my lovely cuz and made my way into the City.

The great thing about being back in the West is that everyone speaks English so I had absolutely no troubles navigating my way to the hotel using the Tube (and another thing, when someone doesn't know, they tell you! Instead of sending you on a wild goose chase...). I found my hotel without a hitch and by about 12pm, I was deep into slumber. I only had a few hours until my first set of friends were due to arrive, Dusty & Hicksie (affectionately known as the Hicksybalds) and drinks were certainly in order! It had only been a few weeks since I had left Bermuda, but I missed them both so much. There was a lot to catch up on and I was really excited to hear all about Annie (or Bananie, as I call her), their one year old. Before we knew it, it was time to meet the rest of the crew.

There certainly was quite a crew to meet up with that evening; my very good friend Liz and her fiance Gareth (also from Bermuda. Liz had moved back almost two years ago and I missed her terribly!), Tony (Bermuda but in UK for a visit), Kwee (Bermuda but studying in London at the moment) and very randomly my friend Elise & her work colleague from Geneva! Elise was in London on business and our paths happened to cross. I still cannot think of the last time that I would have seen Elise. She had spent a Christmas with my family in America when I was at Uni one year and is an old friend from swimming days in Adelaide! It was so fantastic to see her, now a mother to a one year old, oh how things have changed! I'm very excited to spend more time with her and her family in Geneva later this summer.

A very long story short but in true Bermuda fashion, this was a big night. Well certainly bigger for some then others (not naming names here!). I was seriously out of the Bermuda drinking pace and certainly felt the effects the next morning! We all met at a great bar called Princess Louise. Like any bar in London after 5pm, it was absolutely heaving! Fortunately we were all running a bit late, so Kwee and Tony were able to save us seats upstairs on the lounges in the corner. Following our stint at the Princess Louise, a food base was very much in order. Liz and Gareth recommended a fantastic Thai spot nearby and we headed there for a feed. I cannot tell you the names of the bars we went to following. I have absolutely no idea, I think there were three (or four?). Who's counting anyway?! Nonetheless, it was a fantastic evening filled with lots of laughs. A great start to my stint in London.

The following morning was rough. I was not feeling particularly spry (moreso than I expected). Perhaps it is the impending 30?! I was 10 days out and maybe the hangovers are starting to kick in already!. Or was it because I had been out of Bermuda too long and lost my drinking tolerance! Most likely, the latter. Hicksie, Dusty, Breezey & Gareth and I made our way for a greasy breakfast, the only cure. It was definitely a crisp morning, and that certainly wasn't helping things! Following our greased up food, I bid farewell to Dusty & Hicksie, they were due to get back to Bananie, who was staying with Hicksie's parents about an hour outside of the city. We said our goodbyes and parted ways. I was headed back for a much needed kip.

Later that afternoon, still feeling a bit rough, I met up with some more of my Bermuda friends that had relocated to London a few years ago; Lucie & Matt. I worked with Matt at PwC for a number of years and we spent the better part of two years being cooped up in an audit room together. Now that might not sound like too much fun, but you don't know Matt. He is an absolute legend and a lot of fun. Obviously through Matt was how I met Lucie, who is a gem. I have always really enjoyed spending time with them; a fantastic couple. So despite feeling pretty horrendous, when they suggested that we meet up for a drink that afternoon, how could I possibly say no! Time to put my big girl pants on. We had a great evening with lots of laughs.

The following day, I moved into my London abode (aka my mate Southie's place). I have known James since I was about 12 years old from swimming days. Southie has been living in the UK for about five years now about a stones throw away from the Brixton Academy (an idea location!) so when he offered up his digs to use as a base while I was in London, I jumped at the offer. It was brilliant to be able to spend some quality time with him again (and his awesome housemates!). I hadn't seen him since he was in his initial tenure in London (and I was at my friends Greg & Sam's wedding in 2010). It was brilliant to see him again. And like the legend that he is, we had an Aussie barbie the first night! What an induction into the UK...just wish the weather would have co-operated. The poor bloke was barbecuing in the rain at one point!

Another Facebook win was finding out that Kel's, my sister in law's, sister Sam was in London the same week. It really is a small world! Sam is currently over studying in Milan on exchange for the year. She is about two months in and is really enjoying it. I joined her, and her Italian classmates, on an excursion to Westminster. It was so great to see Sam and hear how much she is enjoying Italy...sounds amazing (will definitely be visiting her in Milan!). But it was definitely an "experience" for an almost 30 year old to be following around a bunch of 18 year old Italian students sightseeing on a school trip in London (especially when they don't speak much English and probably didn't have a clue who I was and what I was doing on their class trip, ha!).

Next up...a quick trip up north to Scouse country. Hope you're well...wherever this may find you!

Mel xx

PS, I will warn you, I have not been nearly as camera happy here so the pictures probably won't be as exciting...my apologies!

A beautiful pic of Liz & Gareth. This is by far the best photo taken on the first night. I have quite a few photos from this night, but I'm not sure if some of the people in them would be too pleased if I put them online...haha! It was a big night...a Bermuda big night! Great times... This was taken at a delicious Thai restaurant that we went to after our stint in the first pub (an attempt to soak up some of the booze...a lost cause for some though!)

Hicksie & I outside the Australia House on the walk home...I have no idea where this is (must be close-ish to Liverpool street station?!). But it is a beautiful building! Gareth & Kwee in the background.

After many failed attempts of trying to stand on the marble shelf, I finally played it safe and had my picture taken out front...

The Thames.

London Eye.

Hello Big Ben!

Westminster Abbey.

A beautiful park that I visited on the tour with the 50 Italian 18 year olds...it might be Green Park as near Buckingham Palace.


Buckingham Palace

No trip to London is complete without a Big Ben selfie! Hello Big Ben, again...

Sam & I in from of Westminster Abbey.

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