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A guac smashing road trip... 29.01.2015
Two Aussies, an Englishman and a Swede go to an island... 29.01.2015
Beautiful Belize 05.01.2015
Wait, am I still in Guatemala? 05.01.2015
Now that´s one sweet river... 05.01.2015
Time for Tikal 05.01.2015
Semuc Champey 18.12.2014
Back to school 16.12.2014
Guat's up?! 08.12.2014
And the fascinator gets another outing... 08.12.2014
Dr. Fraiser Crane, Starbucks and the Space Needle 29.11.2014
I heart Van 29.11.2014
Ich bin ein Berliner 18.10.2014
Raki, anyone?! 25.09.2014
A cave house and (an almost) death by donkey 20.09.2014
And the travel band unites! 15.09.2014
Gobble gobble 10.09.2014
Just like clock work... 07.09.2014
Chalet living 01.09.2014
Road trippin' with the Jacksons 17.08.2014
Playground of the rich and famous 15.08.2014
Nice is sooooooooooo nice 15.08.2014
Oui, Oui Paris! 13.08.2014
So much more than coffee shops and the Red Light District 12.08.2014
Well they certainly love a pissing statue! 10.08.2014
Magnifique Maroc 20.06.2014
The lazy south 03.06.2014
MADrid 21.05.2014
Valencia, oh how I love thee! 14.05.2014
Exploring some Roman ruins 11.05.2014
Tapas time! Finally... 10.05.2014
The big three-ohhhhhhhhh! 08.05.2014
The only way is Essex...INNIT! 08.05.2014
All you need is love 17.04.2014
Back to the West...London Town! 15.04.2014
I am still trying to get the colour out of my hair! 08.04.2014
Glamping and the Golden City 07.04.2014
The Blue City 02.04.2014
A spot of tea with a difference! 31.03.2014
India's response to Venice 30.03.2014
A hippies paradise 18.03.2014
A tigerless safari 15.03.2014
My first puja and a near incident of indecent exposure 02.03.2014
Day in the life of a devotee 26.02.2014
First impressions of an ashram 18.02.2014
Gotta go to Goa 16.02.2014
Out and about in Mumbai 10.02.2014
What do you mean there are no elephants on Elephanta Island? 09.02.2014
4 chicks from Radelaide and 800 of our closest Indian mates 07.02.2014
The ultimate symbol of love 06.02.2014
The Pink City and a road trip 05.02.2014
Indian time 05.02.2014
Palatial living 01.02.2014
All aboard the Curry Muncher Express 01.02.2014